AngularJS vs ReactJS

The development of web applications is a complex process. To manage the development staff’s workflow as effectively as possible, company needs a tool that features accessibility, proper technical support, high performance and the absence of syntax errors. This article is dedicated to the ReactJS vs. AngularJS stand and compares key features of these two most popular tools for web software development.

Difference between react vs angular and reactjs vs angularjs concepts

Notice that ReactJS and AngularJS have different structures. The main difference between react and angular is the fact that ReactJS is a library but not a fully featured framework, which could make that comparison incorrect at first glance. However, both solutions are dedicated to one objective – creation of user interfaces for web applications.

I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.

Furthermore, some non-professionals often confuse react with reactjs and angular with angularjs. As mentioned, for the mobile software developmental purposes Angular 2 proves to be better than React Native, showing much higher level of code security and hack resistance. Why Angular 2? If we talk about Angular 2 benefits, we have to remember, that this framework features TypeScript support (Angular 1 is based only on JavaScript and HTML), which is strictly typified, so that it minimizes the chance of errors.

However, it may be better to transit to the actual topic of an article and start the examination of those toolsets, used for the creation of web applications, namely ReactJS and AngularJS.
Angular vs React: which one is better?